Personal Injury Law

The attorneys of Largay Law Offices, P.A. have specialized in personal injury law for a collective period of over 25 years

Personal injury claims and lawsuits arise when people are injured by the careless, reckless or intentional acts of others, or injured by products that are defective in some way. When someone is determined to be legally responsible for injuring another, they are liable for the injury, and may be made to pay the injured person compensatory damages. Compensatory damages attempt to put an injured person back in the position he or she was in before being injured.

The components of a settlement or verdict often include the following: reimbursement for medical expenses and treatment; compensation for emotional harm or distress; an award for past or future pain and suffering; a sum of money if there exist any future medical needs, a period of disability or permanent impairment; lost wages for an employee, whether past, ongoing or future; or the lost profits and/or economic opportunities of a self-employed business person.  Incidental expenses may also be included to cover the cost of home care; mileage reimbursement to and from medical appointments; reimbursement for medical devices; expenses related to vocational rehabilitation or new job training; and any other cost that is reasonable and necessarily related to the claim. In cases where the wrongdoer has acted intentionally in an outrageous or malicious way toward the victim, punitive damages areawarded as punishment and act as a deterrent for such behaviors.

Our firm handles a variety of personal injury and medical malpractice claims for clients located anywhere in the State of Maine; Maine residents/citizens injured anywhere in the world, or non-residents and foreigners who have suffered a personal injury here in Maine, including those acts, accidents and injuries arising out of:

    * Animal & Dog Bites
    * Asbestos & Mesothelioma
    * Automobile Accidents
    * Aviation Accidents
    * Bicycle Accidents
    * Boating Accidents
    * Brain Injury
    * Burn Injuries
    * Construction Accidents
    * Elder Abuse
    * Injuries to Minors & Children
    * Medical Malpractice
    * Motorcycle Accidents
    * Nursing Home Negligence
    * Pedestrian Accidents
    * Premises Liability
    * Products Liability
    * Slip & Fall Accidents
    * Spinal Cord Injury
    * Trucking Accidents
    * Workers' Compensation
    * Wrongful Death

Injuries suffered as a result of these types of accidents can be severe and life altering. Our firm understands that your immediate goals after going through such trauma are to get your medical bills paid and covered, make sure you do not suffer financially through any lost wages or loss of economic opportunities, and make sure the insurance company will pay for future treatment relating to your injury. Handling and processing the insurance aspects of your claim or case is a specialty of LLO.  Our experienced attorneys will discuss your situation and go over the options available to you, as well as work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately.

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us online or call us at 207.947.4LAW (4529) to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options in any personal injury, auto accident or medical malpractice case.

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