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Largay Law has handled thousands of Real Estate transactions.

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Largay Law has handled thousands of Real Estate transactions.

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Largay Law Offices, P.A., provides legal services for almost every conceivable type of real estate matter. Our clients include everyone from the first-time home-buyer to the sophisticated real estate developer. The firm has handled thousands of real estate transactions.

The types of legal services we provide include:

Purchase & Sale Agreements

Almost every real estate transaction begins with a contract. In Maine, these contracts are referred to as Purchase and Sale Agreements or “P&S Agreements.” Our experienced real estate lawyers work in teams with trained paralegals to negotiate and prepare a purchase and sale agreement custom-designed for the particular client and situation.

Financing & Loan Documents

The majority of buyers of real estate use some financing. Examples of financing include residential and commercial mortgages, private lenders, and owner financing. The firm works with various borrowers, banks, lenders, developers, and sellers to assist in completing the transaction.

Title Searches & Insurance

It is necessary to research the history of ownership of real estate to ensure a seller has the right to convey. It also ensures that the buyer purchases property free of claims or defects in the chain of title. Once a comprehensive search is done following the Maine Bar Title Standards, we issue commitments and policies of title insurance for owners and lenders. Buyers and lenders can rely on our 25 years of title searching experience and licensure as title insurance agents with two of the largest title insurance companies in the world.

Closings & Escrow Services

After a P&S Agreement has been signed, financing obtained, appraisals, and inspections completed, the parties are prepared to close. The review of the paperwork involved in closing can be a daunting task. Our attorneys and trained paralegals process the documentation, facilitate the transfer of funds through escrow, trust accounts, and oversee the successful execution of all necessary documents.

Deeds & Easements

Maine law recognizes a variety of deeds and easements for the transfer of interests in real estate.  We routinely prepare common deed forms, including warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, release deeds, mortgage deeds, deeds of distribution from estates, deeds of sale by personal representatives, municipal, tax deeds, and deeds of trust.

Easements are the conveyance of less than a full interest in land. Some examples of easements include rights of way, utility easements, prescriptive easements, easements by implication or necessity, and access or road easements.


A lease is a contract between a landlord and tenant for exclusive possession of a property for a specified period of time at an agreed-upon price. While it may sound simple, leases can be complex and have serious legal consequences. Your lease terms and conditions should be properly negotiated, carefully drafted, and implemented with the utmost care and confidence of a trusted attorney.


An eviction is a legal proceeding initiated by a landlord (lessor) to recover possession of the property.  Maine law refers to these proceedings as forcible entry and detainer actions (FED’s). This is a complex area of the law. Our law firm recommends that landlords or tenants seek experienced legal counsel before filing any FED action, whether residential or commercial in nature.

Municipal & Land Use Consulting

Cities and Towns adopt unique ordinances that define how a person or company may use their property within that municipality. Our legal practice in this area is diverse. Our firm has handled issues such as applications for subdivisions, local permitting, and building code compliance. We provide skilled representation at planning board hearings and zoning board appeals.

Condominiums, Subdivisions, & Developments

The formation and establishment of a Condominium, Subdivision or other Development can be an arduous process. Rely on our Attorneys and Staff to guide you through this process.

Boundary & Easement Disputes

The State of Maine’s rocky coastline, inland landscapes, and historical origins contribute to various claims relating to the location, usage rights, and ownership of real property. The District of Maine annexed from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as part of the Missouri Compromise of 1820.  Since then, a complex, ever-changing body of law developed to assist property owners in defining their boundaries, easement usage, and rights-of-way. We help clients traverse those uncertain paths.

Broker & Commission Disputes

Disagreements can arise between buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers over the listing agreement, the commission charged, property disclosures, or closing the real estate transaction. Maine Law provides for the protection of a broker who earned a commission through the listing agreement. All residential transactions require property disclosures. They can lead to a variety of claims and disputes.

Liens & Attachments

A lien is a claim against property that secures the payment of a debt, mortgage, judgment, or taxes. An attachment is a court order that acts as a lien against one’s property. The firm assists buyers, sellers, appraisers, brokers, contractors, material suppliers, engineers, and surveyors in prosecuting and defending all manner of lien claims that arise in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Litigation

As noted above, real estate litigation can include lien claims, adverse possession (squatter’s rights), boundary disputes, easement rights, interpretation of deeds, contract disputes, environmental issues, septic and well claims, and myriad other matters. Clients need counsel knowledgeable in real estate and business matters, as well as experienced in the courtroom.

What Our Clients Say

“Chris and his legal assistants are absolutely amazing. They always go above and beyond for my children and I. This office has done so much for my family over the course of 10 years. Words cannot express my thankfulness. Chris, Robin, and Emily are wonderful people. I appreciate all they have done.”

Jillian Howard

Bangor, Maine

“In over 40 years in Bangor as a general contractor, landlord, and husband, I have had on occasion to retain a few top lawyers in Bangor. Chris Largay, first and foremost, is sincere and empathetic and cares about his clients' case. He does exactly what he says he is going to do in an amazingly timely fashion. His preparation in researching case law for your case, then putting it to paper and later litigating it for you, is superior. If you want someone to treat you with respect and dignity, listen to you, and fight for you, hire Chris Largay.”

Gary Henneberry

Bangor, Maine

“Attorney Largay represented my husband in a business venture over 20 years ago and has been his corporate attorney since.”

Robin Seymour

Bangor, Maine

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