Our Successes

$ 550,000 Settlement. Client-passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver sustained serious injury, including traumatic brain injury.

$ 425,000 Settlement mid-Jury Trial. Cop in cruiser rear-ended en route to serve search warrant. Complex multi-party insurance issues.

$ 150,000 Settlement Wrongful Death – Drunk driver involved in Motorcycle Crash.

$ 90,000 Settlement Motorcycle Crash – Negligent auto driver hit Client’s bike.

$ 260,000 Settlement Disabled Vehicle Pedestrian - Distracted Cell/Texting driver hits Client

$ 48,000 Jury Verdict. Unsafe Premises leads to Complex Hip Fracture. ($ 52,000 Final > Trial)

$ 37,000 Settlement (Litigation) Motorcyclist – Hit by road-raged driver, on methadone.

$ 100,000 Settlement Liquor Liability Violations - Contribute to wrongful death by drowning.

Injury Cases Pending:

Carbon Monoxide Poisonings (4) - Unlicensed gas technician performs careless work, injuring several in apartment bldg.

Medical Malpractice Matters - 6 cases pending - all confidential. [Blindness, Paralysis, Retained Towel in Abdomen, Brain Traumas, etc...]

Motor Carrier Transport Safety Violations.

Trucking Violations - Significant brain trauma/paralysis.