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293 State St Suite One
Bangor, ME 04401
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Phone: 207-947-4529
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293 State Street in Bangor, Maine

Our main offices are located in a 3-story antique blue-gray Queen Anne style home with convenient parking and easy access to major roadways.  Just 1/4 mile from Eastern Maine Medical Center, and situated halfway between the Bangor Mall and the downtown district, the office is convenient to the Courthouses, Registries of Deeds and Probate, and all other professional, retail and municipal services. 

285 Main Street in Old Town, Maine
The firm owns the historic Trust Building in downtown Old Town, Maine.  Located at the crossroads of Main and Center Streets and next to the U.S. Post Office, the offices are hi-tech, comfortable and very convenient.  A national franchise insurance agency, a long-term care and financial planning firm (with tax preparation services) and the law firm share conference facilities in the Trust Building.

Ellsworth, Maine (By Appointment)
Principal attorneys of the firm share space with a local counsel law firm in the City of Ellsworth, the seat of coastal Hancock County, and meet with clients there or at the Hancock County Courthouse facility by appointment. 

Your Home, Employment or Business
In addition, the firm travels from Kittery to Madawaska and throughout the State of Maine for client conferences and meetings; settlement and escrow closings; agency and municipal hearings, and to all state and federal courts.