Civil Litigation & Mediation

Disagreements and disputes arise in a variety of ways. Many are resolved informally. Largay Law Offices, P.A. has successfully negotiated settlements and resolutions for people and businesses in thousands of matters. It is our objective to put together a negotiation team with enough talent and experience to evaluate the matter and attempt to solve the problems before the dispute becomes a court case.

Most cases that are filed in a court of law are settled without the necessity and expense of a bench (judge-only) or jury trial. The State of Maine has implemented mandatory methods of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. Our attorneys use every opportunity and process available to the Client in a good-faith effort to resolve the case or claim.

For those matters not easily resolved through facilitation, compromise or negotiation, it is crucial to retain counsel that is aggressive, effective and experienced. Our lawyers know the law; we investigate the facts and do our homework; and we know our way inside the labyrinth of state agencies, municipalities and courtrooms, whether the matter is in a local, state or federal forum. We file cases and complaints, respond to lawsuits and prosecute appeals as necessary and appropriate for the particular situation.

Administrative, Board & Agency Representation: The State of Maine has over 100 separate agencies, boards, commissions and departments. Examples include the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor, Board of Motor Vehicles, Real Estate Commission, Board of Appraisers/Appraisal Review, and the Human Rights Commission. Each entity follows the Administrative Procedure Act and also has its own rules and regulations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Mediation and Arbitration: There are 3 methods of resolving disputes that serve as alternatives to the court process. These methods are: (1) Mediation, (2) Arbitration and (3) Early Neutral Evalaution. Although the implmentation and structure of each method can be different, the goal is the same: Dispute Resolution. In Mediation, all parties and their representatives meet with a neutral third party (the "Mediator") who listens to the parties' concerns and attempts to work out an agreement.

Arbitration involves the presentation of documents and testimony to an Arbitrator who makes a final decision, usually in writing. Early Neutral Evaluation is a process whereby a neutral third party (the "Neutral") listens to a presentation by the parties or their advocates and analyzes the pros and cons to evaluate the merits of each position.

Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation are generally non-binding. Arbitration is binding. The selection of the Mediator, Neutral or Arbitrator is usually based on the input from each party and their attorney. These independent or neutral third parties include experienced attorneys, retired Judges and sometimes other specialists.

Many contracts today, such as mortgages and insurance policies, contain Arbitration Clauses that impose an obligation to participate in and settle disagreements without resort to the Courts. And the Courts increasingly favor and require the parties to attempt to resolve their disputes.

Broker/Realtor Commission Issues: Real Estate transactions often involve the listing, leasing or sale of property by a licensed real estate broker. Differences often arise as to the Realtor's representation of the home owner or buyer, or the amount of the commission owed. The firm has represented dozens of buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers, and has an excellent track record of successfully resolving these types of disputes.

Business & Contract Disputes: At the heart of every business transaction is an Agreement or Contract. These may be oral, implied by the conduct of the parties or expressed in writing. The Maine Legislature has passed many laws dealing with various types of contracts. Maine's Courts have developed a body of case law that interprets the rights of parties in different contractual situations and scenarios. Our lawyers are adept at researching the statutes and cases that dictate how a given Agreement or Contract is to be performed.

Civil Trials: Trials are held in both the 50+ local District and 16 County Superior Courts, as well as in one of two Federal Districts in the State of Maine. Trials are actually the result of a lengthy and sometimes complex process involving lawsuit filing, discovery of information and investigation, and ultimately the presentation of the case before a Judge and/or Jury. The lawyers at Largay Law Offices, P.A. are familiar with the Maine and Federal Rules of Court and Evidence, the applicable Statutes and Caselaw, as well as the Judges and Jury-selection processes that are involved in putting together a successful civil bench or jury trial.

Corporate, Partnership and Shareholder Litigation: The owners, shareholders, and officers of corporations, limited liability companies, non-profits and partnerships may sometimes disagree on important matters about the finances, governance, or operations of an entity. Wise clients select lawyers who are experienced and adept at understanding the nuances and issues that led to the business problems that have arisen. Our lawyers have successfully litigated a number of such business disputes. A good business trial lawyer has to understand the business first, and we strive to educate ourselves about your business.

Evictions & Landlord-Tenant Disputes:

Foreclosure Actions & Foreclosure Defenses:

Insurance Claims, Disputes & Issues:

Mediation Services: After trying several hundred motions, bench trials and jury trials, and arguing cases before the Maine Supreme Court, Attorney Largay is offering his legal expertise, knowledge and negotiating talents to select attorneys, law firms, insurance companies and unrepresented parties in an effort to assist them in resolving disagreements and disputes. Mediations may be held at our firm's convenient, comfortable and custom-designed offices. Every effort is made to let the parties' voices be heard and to resolve their differences with a minimal amount of conflict and expense.

Municipal Boards and Bodies:

Personal Injury:

Probate Law: Probate law involves the administration of estates. It includes the appointment of a Personal Representative (executor) for an estate that does or does not have a will or cases where you object to the person seeking to be appointed Personal Representative. It can include cases when you are accusing someone of wrongfully withholding estate assets or the defense of such accusations. You may need to make a claim against an estate on behalf of a creditor, or be involved in a contested estate accounting.

Professional Liability & Malpractice:

Real Estate & Land Use Disputes:

Small Claims Cases:

Victim's Rights Advocacy & Litigation:

At Largay Law Offices, P.A, our 25+ combined years of legal experience in researching, analyzing, framing, drafting, filing, serving, demanding, advocating, negotiating, arguing motions and appeals, and trying cases puts as at the top of the list for successful client outcomes. Our clients matter most to us. Let us demonstrate success by handling your matter.

Largay Law represent our clients in all 16 counties throughout the entire State of Maine, as well as in several other jurisdictions where we routinely secure the expertise of local counsel to assist on issues particular to that state. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before Maine's District & all County Superior Courts, and the Federal District Court of Maine, as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, Massachusetts. Our attorneys are all licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

LLO represents Plaintiff-Claimants and Defendant-Respondents. The mix varies, but historically the firm has been plaintiff-oriented. Prior to forming Largay Law Offices, P.A., Attorney Largay worked his first 5 years in the legal profession as an Associate Attorney and Satellite Office Manager for a larger law firm handling a wide variety of work - business, civil criminal, medical malpractice and products liability cases. The defense work we handle comes generally from the 85+ corporations and LLC's that we have formed and for which Attorney Largay serves as Legal Clerk or Registered Agent, plus a few select companies we will agree to represent because of the legal issue, our expertise or other special considerations, such as a personal referral from a valued LLO Client or another lawyer or law firm.

LLO's Corporate Client entities operate in the following industries:
Financial - Banks, Private Lenders, Mortgage Brokers Services Financial Planners, Accountancy Firms, Securities Brokers, Consultants and Finance Companies
Real Estate - Agencies, Brokerage, Agents, Surveyors, Engineers,
Insurance - Insurance Agencies, Insurance Companies, Agents.
Construction - All Trades, inc.: Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Asphalt & Concrete manufacturers, distributers & installers, Builders/Constructors: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Landscape Engineers & Contractors.
Hospitality - Hotel, Restaurant & various Franchises.
Retail - Clothing, Bike Sales & Repair, Wireless Phones, Coffee.
Healthcare - Traditional Medical Practices, Alternative Methods, Counselors, Physical & Massage Therapy Practices.

Over the past 10 years the overwhelming success with the plaintiff's practice and defense of our corporate clients has led to inquires from other corporate defendants and insurance companies requesting our expertise and assistance on select matters. Understanding both sides is crucial to a well-rounded analysis of the case and solid, effective representation of our clients, the firm has accepted these new challenges.

We commence and defend against lawsuits in nearly every area of law imaginable. In addition to any conceivable issue that arises in any of the Client Industries listed, we aggressively enter the fray in these areas:

  • Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, and Medical Malpractice.
  • Insurance Claims - Denials & Coverage Disputes, Underinsured Claims.
  • Breach of Contracts - Service, Retail, Construction, Supply, Loan, etc...
  • Property Issues - Damage, Trespass, Adverse Possession, Easement Claims.
  • Corporate/Business -Partnership & Corporate Stock/LLC Member Disputes.
  • Business Torts- Fraud/Deceit, Civil Theft, Embezzlement, Defamation & Slander.
  • Equitable Theories - Unjust Enrichment, Quantum Meruit, Petitions.
  • Probate & Will Contests - Guardianships, Fiduciary Malfeasance, etc...
  • Misrepresentation - False/Misleading Statements in Business or Property
  • Professional Liability/Malpractice - Grievances/Violations of Standards of Care.
  • Criminal Defense - State & Federal: Assault, OUI, Property, Drug - most crimes.

.... and an entire caseload of other matters - call for a Consultation!

Our litigation specialists have both trial skills and practical experience which can help bring satisfactory conclusions to your lawsuit without incurring unreasonable costs. We recognize your concern regarding the expense of litigation and our civil litigation attorneys and staff consistently strive for efficiency. In doing so, we consider ways to expedite resolution of disputes, such as through Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") procedures, including voluntary mediation, early neutral evaluation, arbitration, use of referees, judicial settlement conferences, and summary jury trials.

Early in the litigation process, we provide you with a complete assessment of your case so you can make informed decisions on how to proceed. Most important, even before litigation begins, we address ways to resolve disputes without resorting to going to court. If a matter does proceed to litigation, we will keep in close contact and update you as developments occur. Active Cases are reviewed monthly, and clients are encouraged to set up office or telephone appointments for status info. and case inquiries.

Personal injury cases can be difficult for both the injured party and their loved ones. Insurance companies try to limit exposure when a serious injury occurs, and often hire attorneys who attack every aspect of an injured person's claim. The experience of our civil litigation attorneys has familiarized us with such tactics, and we have developed strategies designed to protect the economic rights and health of our clients.

If you, your business or a client, family member or friend is considering, or has already filed or been brought into, litigation involving an accident, contract, real estate or another matter listed above - or a novel or unusual case - please feel free to contact us to discuss possible solutions and a litigation strategy to bring you the best results through Teamwork & Technology.

LARGAY LAW OFFICES, P.A. offers convenient options for personal consultations with our Attorney-Counselors, a Litigation Team, Trained Paralegals, or our Maine Medico-Legal Consultancy Group.

We offer Office Meetings in Bangor, Old Town & Ellsworth, Maine. We offer Telephonic Consultations Worldwide through our offices. We offer Web-based, Video Conferences Worldwide thru

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