Business & Corporate Law

At Largay Law Offices, P.A. we're business lawyers who mean business when it comes to protecting our clients' businesses through demands, negotiations, litigation and resolution.

Largay Law represents our clients in all 16 counties throughout the entire State of Maine, as well as in several other jurisdictions where we routinely secure the expertise of local counsel to assist on issues particular to that state. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before Maine's local District, County Superior and Probate Courts, and the Federal District Court of Maine, as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, Massachusetts. Our attorneys are all licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our firm works on a variety of business matters, including:

  • General business disputes - all manner of unique circumstances.
  • Officer, Director, Member, or Manager breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Tortious Interference with business contracts & relationships.
  • Conspiracy, Embezzlement, Fraud, Civil Theft, Conversion of Assets.
  • Breach of employee non-disclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, & piracy (theft) of software or corporate intellectual property.
  • Disparagement, defamation & slander.
  • False advertising, False Light, Misprepresentation, False Promises.
  • Unfair business or trade practices and competition - violations of trust.
  • Copyright and patent infringement, referred and worked w/ co-counsel.
  • Cases involving environmental, toxic or hazardous waste.
  • Partnership, Employer-Employee disputes, Business Dissolutions
  • Foreclosures, Commercial Evictions, Commercial Collections.

One of the most important services we provide our business clients is to help them incorporate litigation avoidance strategies into their business planning. Regardless of an organization's size or prominence, legal problems affecting financial status and reputation require practical solutions. Our lawyers view our clients' legal problems as business problems, and work creatively and quickly to solve them. We can create and provide the Business Client with a Customized LLO Business Litigation Plan that includes: (1) a Case Budget; (2) a Litigation Plan; (3) a Discovery Plan; (4) a List of ADR Options; and an (5) Estimate of Time, Costs and Options at every stage of the matter.

If you are considering litigation involving an accident, contract, real estate or other matter listed above or a novel or unusual case, please contact us to discuss possible solutions and litigation strategies to bring you the best results through Teamwork & Technology.

LARGAY LAW OFFICES, P.A. offers convenient options for personal consultations with our Attorney-Counselors, a Litigation Team, Trained Paralegals, or our Maine Medico-Legal Consultancy Group.

We offer Office Meetings in Bangor, Old Town & Ellsworth, Maine. We offer Telephonic Consultations Worldwide through our offices. We offer Web-based, Video Conferences Worldwide thru

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